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Types of Account Receivables

Receivables are amounts owed to a company by other companies, clients, customers and other parties for good purchased and services rendered on credit, which are supposed to be paid within a specified and agreed period of time. Receivables are usually classified as current assets (assets that are expected to be converted to liquid cash within […]

What are Accounts Receivables

We live in a world of organization, and this is evident in every level of interaction we as people have with each other. From a unit as small as the nuclear family, to the wider world at large, organization is needed for survival and cohesion. In offices, this “organization” is very apparent in division of […]

Understand a Company’s Account Receivables

Financing and running a company’s account is a big responsibility, and very appropriately, in-depth knowledge of finance and accounting is required. The daily expenses of the company, the monies being owed, the monies which are owed to the company and a host of other things have to be recorded to prevent the rundown of the […]

Why should you consider using AR management software?

AR stands for Account Receivables. If you look at your accounts, the receivables will categorize themselves as asset accounts. It is because you will receive that much money from your customers or debtors who have already purchased some goods or services for debt or credit. Although AR indicates that your company has an asset receivable […]

How One Can Effectively Manage Cash Flow

Recognize that cash flow forecasting is not just a tool. They are informed estimates that take into account a variety of variables, including your clients’ payment history, your own diligence in detecting impending expenses, and your suppliers’ patience. You should avoid giving justification that receivables will continue to accrue at the same rate as they […]

How Small Businesses Can Boost Their Cash Flow

According to the experts of business world, no company owner, and particularly no small business owner, is immune to cash flow concerns. Given the recent stock market collapse caused by the spread of COVID-19 across the United States and worldwide, small company owners’ finances are particularly precarious right now. Many firms are taking solid hit […]