John Abio


John was born in Columbia, South Carolina, and spent much of his life in Dallas, Texas.  John has many years of experience in the insurance industry, both in health and life insurance before launching many of his own successful businesses in a variety of different industries including Oil and Gas, Real Estate, Medical and the Financial sector.

Professional Credentials

Personal Life

  • Born in Columbia, SC
  • Lived in Dallas, TX from age 11 to 46
  • Proud father of 5 children including three daughters and twin boys

education background

  • Attended New Mexico Military Institute for High School in Roswell, NM
  • Attended Southern Methodist University and Received a B.A. in Political Science

Professional Experience

  • NASE State Manager South Carolina Health Insurance Sales Manager.
  • Southern Security Life Insurance Company, Vice President. Orlando Florida.
  • Abio Financial Group. 1998-2017. President, CEO
  • Abio Oil And Gas Inc., Abio Realestate Inc.President CEO, Seboli2b LLC. President CEO, Meridian Financial Inc. President CEO.
  • Active business: Miracle Med Inc. 
John Abio

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