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This website is for information purposes about business receivables and the purchasing of short, medium and long term account receivables

Who is it for?

This blog is intended for anyone who is a business owner that is trying to learn more about account receivables and finding someone to purchase the account receivables for your business. Also anyone trying to find information regarding the process of buying business account receivables for profit.

John Abio

John Abio

John Abio

John Abio

Boca Raton, Florida Businessman & Entrepreneur

John has been in business in Texas and Florida for many years, running successful businesses across multiple industries  throughout his career.  John is family oriented and enjoys spending time with his 5 children.

John Abio

Learn How It Works

Your business may have a long sales cycle, or you are owed money, but need cash now.  Set up a time to speak to learn about how we can work with your business to buy your existing account receivables.

Increase Your Cash Flow

Sometimes in business, you just need cash now.  You may have plenty of business, and customers have bought your products and services, but now you are waiting on the incoming cash, which you need now to grow your business.  You can leverage your receivables to increase your cash flow now.

John Abio
John Abio

Types of Account Receivables

Receivables are amounts owed to a company by other companies, clients, customers and other parties for good purchased and services rendered on credit, which are

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Learn More About Receivables

Contact us and learn more about how to use your receivables to your advantage today. We will walk you through how it works so you can maximize your receivables to your advantage and grow your business now.


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